Triss started on maturity we are thinking of mating in week 32

Gleen Mhor's Triss

Triss is going to date with GLeen Mhor's Sidney it will be an exciting match to see the link to k9data

Gleen Mhor's Sidney

Amazingly what you can find on facebook got this message from the other side of the Atlantic


Stacey Dean fra USA

Have you looked at the genetic information on k9data on your dog? It’s in the lower left hand corner of the screen. If you click on that link it will take you to a list of dogs that are found the most in your dog’s pedigree. The dog at the top of that list is: Eng. FT. CH. Holway Westhyde Zeus. That dog is the sire of a dog named: AFC Holway Barty. Holway Barty is the most predominant sire in the US and Canada. He’s been gone a long time, but if you look at just about any field pedigree in the US you will find that dog Holway Barty in their list of 5 most common dogs in their pedigree. What I’m getting at is, your dog looks very similar to dogs over here. So I looked at his pedigree to see why. And there was the answer. It’s so wonderful to have k9data and see how closely we are all connected!


Then I got puppies 30 / 01-2018 if you want a working golden of 1 class then you need to decide only 2 available
See K9 data

Nikki on the first field test got a 1 prize

Must just show the result list as well

Then Milo from our 2015 litter has been on the WT i and became the first winner
Milo lives in Kemberg DE

Then Nikki has been on a trialtest and obviously consisted of our little super dog

Then became the Senta 1 winner in the beginning class rally
Senta / Pippi lives in Drøbak, which is right next to the Oslo Fjord she is from our 2015 litter

Sidney comes with the fox weight about 5.5 kg