Ilaria and Lala together with Mother Katja from their visit in September 2017

Ilaria and Lala together with Nikki on their visit with us in September, lovely to see both again Lala has become so beautiful and skilled in search Ilaria made a demo. it was a pleasure to see a FT goldens could do such a job very sure and thoroughly she has been well trained Ilaria has done a great job

One of our puppies Lala who are training for rescue dog by IRO Lala is from our litter 2015
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  • There is not only Denmark which has mermaids Italy has two

  • This is Lala's life she lives just a stone's throw from the beach are you envious's just a little ik!

  • Yes beautiful it can not be focused Lala

  • Lala and Ilaria visiting a kindergarten where they teach to be a rescue dog

  • Lala under træning

  • Evening by Senigallia

  • Ilaria and Lala at a training seminar in Slovenia with IRO Dream Team