Our three golden's Gleen Mhor's Micky and the two gentlemen Gleen Mhor's Sidney and Gembæk's speed of sound

Who we are

Our two bitches Gleen Mhor's Micky with daughter Nikki who will be our new breeding bitch daughter after Micky and Brinsworthy Higgins a lovely English gentleman

Link to five generations of k9 data Micky and Nikki
Nikki: http://www.k9data.com/fivegen.asp?ID=817162

Micky: http://www.k9data.com/fivegen.asp?ID=408077

My name is Karl Poulsen and is married with Gitte we live on an island called Fyn lie in the middle of Denmark.
I have worked with Goldens in about 45 years both show dogs and rescue dogs and now is the FT dogs though I do not go on field trials so much but seemed to breeding the right lines work to find the right male dog for my bitches it finest to make

it rained with ducks Sidney said he was busy for two hours

Sidney is our male dog he used for hunting is good for both driving and picking up has a great drive and great endurance
see link to K9 5 generations http://www.k9data.com/fivegen.asp?ID=351339

Katja and Sidney tested for Pra 1 and 2 Pra


Test results from Laboklin

Both Katja and Sidney are tested free of PRA 1 + 2
Katja carries Ichthyosis
Sidney is free of Ichthyosis
Prcd is Katja free
Sidney is a carrier

  • Gleen Mhor's Triss is paired with Tawnyhill Marley Marley is importet from England and brand new in Denmark see link to k9data http://www.k9data.com/fivegen.asp?ID=903562

  • see the belly 22 days to birth becomes exciting

A little about our dogs

Micky Alias Katja is out of Holway bla. Eng. FT. CH. Holway Corbiere  she is probably one of the Danish dogs with most Holway.

Sidney is out of  old english lines and American lines bla.AFC AFTCH Rosehill's Mr Speaker MH OS and his British line is Holway and Greenfoot

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Yours sincerely

Karl Poulsen